Work Package 1

Review and testing of existing BG solutions and related software products, identification of gaps and assessment market needs and barriers

(Coordinated by TU Berlin)


(i) existing international B/G technologies and software products; (ii) interfaces between B+G tools, and (iii) missing links.

Description of work

TU Berlin: (i) International literature research for existing B/G technologies and software products, (ii) overview and documentation of these technologies and software products. Development and testing the evaluation matrix.

Ingenieurgesellschaft Prof. Dr. Sieker  mbH: (i) Integrated testing and evaluation of the software at an artificial experimental field, (ii) find missing links and existing interfaces between G+B technologies and software Identify the  gaps in software products

Arcadis and Aecom: Testing of the commercial “industrial standards” packages. Strategy for implementation of  BG synergy opportunities, potential products and space for improvements / technologies / interfaces

Imperial College London and ICCI Ltd: Contribution to the analysis of the inventory of storm drainage models compliance to incorporate BG technology elements and to testing the upgraded tools when the newly developed modules are added to the existing models (based on the work within the WP2 and WP3.

TU Delft + Deltares + Alterra: (i) Provide a review on (Dutch) literature and projects related to BGD topics; (ii) Provide an overview of (Dutch) tools and methods on city climate adaptation, and (iii) Stakeholder analysis related to the success and failures of current BGD practices. Development and testing the evaluation matrix

Ecole des Ponts Paris Tech: Comparison and testing of the software packages available in public domain.  Continue the development of Multi-Hydro (SMARTesT) on interactions with numerical (public domain) physically based models describing the surface processes. Further investigation the inventory of Multi-Hydro conformity to incorporate BG technology elements. The performance of all newly developed Multi-Hydro modules will be tested using the experimental information collected in WP2.

ASCA, CoL, Tempelhof and Sub-grantees Testing of the implementation strategy



D1.1. Overview report of existing BG adaptation solutions and potentials for upgrade, (End of the month 10 D1.2. Overview of existing software products for BG urban design and report on the results of their testing (End of the month 16), D1.3. Evaluation matrix for existing products and technologies and needs for new products and D1.4.
Strategy for implementation of BG synergy opportunities, products and space for improvements (End of the year 2).
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