BGD work packages

Four Work Packages are formulated to enable both academic and industrial (business) partners to (1) share their expertise, (2) develop and test new methodologies (BG solutions) in answer to the market needs, (3) develop instruments that support implementation in urban design & development procedures, (4) by developing material for education and capacity building on design, implementation, operation and maintenance of blue/green solutions and (5) supporting and fostering business development in the implementation of BG solutions.

Work Packages 

WP 1. Review and testing  of existing BG solutions and related software products, identification of gaps and assessment market needs and barriers (coordinated by TU Berlin)

Planned deliverables:
–          Overview report of existing BG adaptation solutions and potentials for upgrade
–          Overview of existing software products for BG urban design and report on the results of their testing
–          Evaluation matrix for existing products and technologies and needs for new products
–          Strategy for implementation of  BG synergy opportunities, potential products and space for improvements

WP2. Full scale monitoring, testing and evaluation of BG technologies for integrated BG solutions (Coordinated by Imperial College London)

Planned deliverables:
–          Three groups of permanent sites: (i) for testing of processes and of individual BG components, (ii) demo sites for integrated BG solutions and (iii) full scale testing, demonstration and training sites
–          Synthesis of the results of full scale testing and performance analysis and creation of the Blue-Green Data Base and new knowledge for improved BG adaptation solutions at the house, site  and  street scales
–          Standardised procedures for testing of BG solutions, new systems for monitoring of BG solutions and synthesis of Performance Indicators
–          Integrated software modules and interfaces for simulation of BG solutions’ performance and quantification and presentation of the adaptation scenarios results
–          Show cases of Blue Green solutions (at least one per country) with reports on the design solutions,  results of  tests and modelled performance and effects of the future development scenarios
–          Certification criteria and testing of the BG Certification procedure

WP3.  BG Adaptation Support Tool (AST) (Coordinated by Deltares and Alterra)

Planned deliverables:
–          BG Adaptation Support Tool (AST, an integrated set of BG design and implementation models)

  1.                                           i.    MapTable tools for design of BG solutions in a collaborative design process
  2.                                          ii.    Performance Evaluation System to evaluate packages of BG solutions
  3.                                         iii.    Adaptation tools implemented on MapTable so that urban planners, designers, green and water managers can use the synergy of blue and green adaptation measures;
  4.                                         iv.    Potential: tools for visualizing BG solutions


–          Demonstration of BG AST in practice
v.    Cross-fertilisation in the selected full scale test sites in the participating countries
vi.    Report on implementation and evaluation

WP4. Interactive education material, training and capacity building (Coordinated by Ecole National des Ponts Paris Tec)

Planned deliverables:
–          Interactive education material; e-training platform
–          Training sessions for capacity building (see target groups) in BG solutions design
–          Social networking infrastructure

The role of the project partners in developing testing and implementing the project deliverables is presented in Table 1 in the Section 4.4.

WP0.  Project management, communication, dissemination and business development (Coordinated by ICCI Ltd)

This “overarching” WP0 deals with the project management, communication, dissemination and provides framework for fostering and supporting full scale business development and job creation. This WP consists of 3 main activities described in details in the Section 3.5

Action 1: Project management

Action 2: Development of business cases and strategy for implementation of Blue Green solutions for European and global coverage.

Action 3: Communication and dissemination

Planned deliverables:
–          Market analysis for blue-green technologies and approaches in Europe.
–          Record of dissemination activities, BGD related projects and created jobs

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