Test & Demo Sites

The BGD has created 13 sites for:

  1. Collecting data on BG Solutions’ performance
  2. Demonstrating the urban environment benefits that the BGD approach provides.

The demo sites are situated in different countries and they cover a variety of scales – ranging from green roofs equipped with sensors to develop predictive models of green roofs’ stormwater attenuation and thermal insulation benefits, to a 10,000 m2 blue green site for understanding hydrological behaviour.

The sites encompass blue green infrastructure types such as urban lakes, inclined green roofs, agriculture/horticulture plots  and bioswales.

Imperial College (Eastside) Green Roof

The Imperial College Green roof was installed in April 2014 and became fully operational in May 2015.  The site comprises 3 plots, each measuring 3 x 4 m. The plots were installed by Zinco and have been equipped with soil moisture and and used to produce models of: (1) Water inputs and outputs (balance); (2) energy balance of a green roof system.

PhD Student Xi Liu on the green roof at Eastside, Imperial College London

PhD Student Xi Liu on the green roof at Eastside, Imperial College London

Blue Green Wave

The BG Wave is a one hectare, vegetated green roof, located at Cite Descartes, at the École des Ponts ParisTech campus.  Completed in 2014, it is equipped with monitoring equipment to understand the roof’s hydrological behaviour, with sensors collecting data on rainfall distribution and velocity, water content, temperature and run-off.  The ultimate objective of the work is to understand the interactions between water fluxes and green infrastructure.

The Blue Green Wave at École des Ponts ParisTech

The Blue Green Wave at École des Ponts ParisTech

Créteil Urban Lake

Creteil Urban Lake - France

Creteil Urban Lake – France

The Créteil Urban Lake full-scale demonstration site was developed by École des Ponts ParisTech  in partnership with local authorities, the town of Creteil and the department of Val-de-Marne. The primary objective of the work there is to study the evolution of the water quality of the lake and the impact of storm water inflow.




TU Delft bioswale, green roof, urban lake,

Berlin Intelligent Cistern site

Berlin urban agriculture site

The BGD agriculture site is located at in the Mauerpark, Berlin.   Created by TU Berlin, working in cooperation with an external company – Mauergarten e.V. – the site comprises 2 identical raised beds (size: 1m x 1m x 1m). The soil consists of compost and branch material and leaves (60 cm). The beds are planted with lovage, marigold, forget me not and strawberry.

Urban Agriculture site at TU Berlin

Urban Agriculture site set up by TU Berlin

Berlin inclined green roof

The inclined green roof test site has been created by TU Berlin and is located in the Schul und Umweltzentrum (SuZ) area of Berlin.  It features:

The BGD inclined green roof test site

The BGD inclined green roof test site

  • 2 inclined green roofs (30° and 45° – 0.8 m x 2 m
  • 1 green roof with a retention box system (1.5 m x 1.5 m)
  • 1 green roof with a meandering drainage system (size: 1.5 m x 1.5 m).

All roofs are planted with sedum plants.

Reading green roof plant greywater irrigation testing site

Berlin Panke Urban River

Berlin decentralised run-off treatment sites,

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