Work Package 2

Full scale monitoring, testing and evaluation of BG technologies for integrated BG solutions

(Coordinated by Imperial College London)


2.1 Proof of concepts for development of new modules and interfaces for individual BGD technologies

2.2. Experimental verification of BGD technologies Permanent Testing Sites (Type A)

2.3. Providing verified data for the DB (Data Base for module and interface development)

2.4 Full scale demonstration in 4 countries sites (see Type B – Chapter 3)

2.5. Reporting for development of educational tools and E-learning materials

Description of work

2.1 Imperial College London a. Design, development and testing of the up to  6 new experimental rigs at the roof of the MoL for (i) BDG2 water balance module, (ii) BGD 3 for nutrients and pollutants migration in blue green assets, (iii) BGD4 for micro climate, urban heat island and indoor heating and cooling, (iv)  BGD5  interaction of urban vegetation with micro climate, (v) BGD6 for GHG and  urban agriculture and BGD7 b. Sensitivity analysis and selection of the candidate sites for full scale demonstration of applicability of integrated blue-green technology concepts and suitability of the Integrated urban eco system services based on blue-green concept and c. Testing of the full scale implementation of the selected BGD technology at the Barking river front development and Cheapside Initiative area sites. DB creation.

2.2. TU Berlin and Seiker mbH Upgrade of the existing experimental facilities for decentralized rainwater treatment, retrofitting of rainwater discharge (Garden City Frohnau) and infiltration and urban stream rehabilitation (Panke) and full scale testing of at least 3 selected BGD technologies in the refurbished Tempelhof airport

2.3. TU Delft, Deltares and CTD Rotterdam Full scale testing of at least 3 selected BGD technologies in the Stadtshaven, Rotterdam site: BG performance for storm water retention, detention and harvesting, for cooling of the urban heat island and for harvesting thermal energy are investigated.  

2.4. Arcadis & Aecom  Design of assets for permanent experimental rigs, Synthesis of indicators

2.5.CoL (MoL), Sainsbury, Tempelhof, CTD, Enabling and developing permanent testing sites

Ecole des Ponts ParisTech a. Full scale implementation of the Blue Green Wave pioneering test site where initial decorative (“green”) design will be transformed into the BGD research oriented design. This includes design, installation and testing of three new experimental rigs at the large wavy-form vegetated roof in the heart of the Paris-East Cluster for Science and Technology, in front of Ecole des Ponts, for (i) monitoring of the rainfall drop size distributions and dynamics for impacts on the substratum and the pollutant mobilisation, (ii) monitoring of the infiltration and surface runoff processes on vegetated roofs, (iii) bio-filtration monitoring. b. Full scale implementation of BGD related experiments at the AquaFutura platform in particular monitoring of cyanobacteria dynamics in the open-air basin experiments w.r.t.; small urban lakes etc.  for climate adaptation and mitigation.

c. Testing of the full scale implementations of the selected BG technologies at the Seine-Saint-Denis and Val-de-Marne counties, identifying best BGD technologies and practices.



(i) Three groups of permanent sites:

(a) for testing of processes and of individual BG components,

(b) demo sites for integrated BG solutions and

(c) full scale testing, demonstration and training sites

(i)Synthesis of the results of full scale testing and performance analysis and creation of the data bases and new knowledge for improved BG adaptation solutions at the house, site  and  street scales

(iii) Standardised procedures for testing of BG solutions, new systems for monitoring of BG solutions and synthesis of performance Indicators

(iv) Integrated software modules and interfaces for simulation of BG solutions’ performance and quantification and presentation of the adaptation scenario results

(v) Show cases of Blue Green solutions (at least one per country) with reports on the design solutions,  results of  tests and modelled performance and effects of the  future development scenario and (vi) Certification criteria and testing of the BG Certification procedure

D2.1. Reports on options, design and commissioning of the permanent experimental and demo facilities and (ii) Initial experimental facilities: MoL, The Blue Green Wave in Paris, Frohenau, Berlin  and Stadshavens, Rotterdam experimental site built and equipped with the first permanent experimental rig, End of the year 1 D2.2 Two more permanent experimental rigs built and tested, (ii) Report on tests and initial experiments (iii) Prototype of the Green Wave data base, (iv) Reports from the full scale demo sites. D2.3. All partners: Results of the final tests, Update of the report on all tests. Reports on a series of BGD related full scale experiments. Completion of the initial phase of DB population. Beta versions of the modules and interfaces. Month 30  D2.4. Final version of the reports. DB population. Integrated software modules and interfaces – selected modules and interfaces completed. completed. Compilation of verified data from experimental and demo sites for the e-learning platform (WP 4) Month 36.
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